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Proactively Targeting Talent!

Whether you are a corporate or agency recruiter, hiring manager or on an RPO, Referable makes collaboration on high value talent easy and scalable.  

Why Targeted Referrals?

Better Hires

Targeted referrals are all about quality of hire. By making collaboration easy, Referable helps you identify and hire the people that make all the difference to your business. 

Cheaper Hires

Referable helps you exhaust referral and recommendation before requesting external help. Get maximum cost-efficiency and improve your cost per hire today.

Faster Hires

Targeted referrals are the fastest way to build quality talent pools. Referable enables collaboration around pre-qualified pipelines for faster hiring of high value talent.

For Employee Referral Success

Improve your employee referral program with Referable: the solution that maps corporate alumni so you can proactively target and collaborate for more referrals with the team.

Referable is Simple

Leverage the team with Referable and see your employee referral program thrive.

News & Resources

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Are you sourcing with
spreadsheets or project folders?

Referable is a cloud-based automation that makes talent identification and collaboration super easy, so recruiters can proactively build high probability talent pools from their corporate alumni. 

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Targeted Referral Generation

Leverage the entire company to proactively target high value talent through your corporate alumni.  Start your search with a pre-qualified Short List. 

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