A quick play around on ChatGPT

As Referable AI starts looking at potential users outside of Japan, I started my morning researching companies in ANZ that would have either incumbent (backfill …

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When Your Recruiter Leaves…

Your Talent IP goes with them. Just like any other people recruiters change jobs and company all the time. TA leaders need to be prepared …

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Recruiting During a Slowdown

We may not be actively hiring, but we can still be planning who to hire for when the time comes. A slow patch for business …

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How are people using Referable?

Let’s take a look at how Referable can help your candidate sourcing activities. We have been testing and iterating the Referable AI platform over the …

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Where are we at?

It’s high time we gave people an update on what we are doing and the challenges we have faced to get here. Firstly let’s just …

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Recent Feature Updates

Some of you are already familiar with Referable, and others not. I’ve added a number of my 1st degree LinkedIn contacts to our mailing list …

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Hacking executive search with referable networks®

In addition to mid-career hiring, we believe another use case for Referable AI is in executive search.   As a founder of a successful executive …

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The Referable+ RPO Service

The third use case we have on our minds is to deliver Referable through our RPO and MSP partnership with one of the world’s premier …

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The (Tug of) War for Talent

It is inevitable that the high quality talent you are going after will get an offer from an equally interested party. How can you win …

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Why Talent Mapping Automation?

“Referable networks” are what all talent maps and referral programs seek to access, yet they so often flawed with many points of failure.” Common Problems …

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Referrals and human memory

Relying on recall instead of recognition is a serious weakness of the typical employee referral system. As I didn’t know what else to study when …

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How can Referable help?

Let’s look at the goals that drive Referable as a solution. The High Quality Candidate Goal Obviously hiring high impact talent is critical if you …

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User Guide

New to Referable? Let’s look at how you can build your sourcing capability with referable networks®! By matching employees to their “referable networks®” recruiters can …

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Tips for Referable Success

Let’s explore some of the things you can do to find success with your referable networks®! By matching employees to their “referable networks®” recruiters can …

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