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These days everyone is selling retainers and Addressing this, Referable AI gives search firms a unique opportunity to partner, collaborate and win!


Unique Differentiation 

Boutique search firms rarely have the tools or skill sets to deliver consistent results to keep their clients coming back for retained business. Referable AI gives search firms the platform to beat the incumbents by building a true partnership with the client.

Work together to rapidly build high quality Short Lists of pre-qualified candidates!

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Level Up with Referable AI

Referable AI enables search firms to give their clients something they have never had before: a sourcing collaboration platform.

How does this work?

While the search firm populates Referable AI Long Lists from open web and proprietary data, the client side corporate recruiter collaborates with their colleagues to identify high probability “referable” talent to be pursued. 

Overall the search goes faster with more confidence in quality results.

Collaborative Search 

With the goal to close the requisition with the highest quality candidate as fast as practical, candidates can be sourced by their referrer, or in the case of recommendations, by the search firm.

By proactively leveraging the entire company to help with sourcing and by providing unprecedented collaboration, clients are both confident they have the right candidate for the job, and that they have the right agency for future searches.

Referable AI helps any search firm that looking for:

  1. More retained business.
  2. Deeper client partnership.
  3. Increased billing.
  4. Differentiation from the competition.

Pure Partnership with Referable AI

If you are currently looking to upgrade your contingency search offering or looking to enter the retained search space, you need to take a closer look at how Referable AI helps.

Benefits of using Referable AI to your search firm:

  1. Close more searches.
  2. Win more retained searches.
  3. Deepen client relationships.
  4. Differentiate your business.
  5. Hire better recruiters.

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Corporate Recruiter Pricing


100 Max Employee Count
  • Implementation Fee:
  • $5,000.00
  • Subscription (Monthly):
  • $2,900.00
  • unlimited user seats
  • single country use case


500 Max Employee Count
  • Implementation Fee:
  • $10,000.00
  • Subscription (Monthly):
  • $3,900.00
  • unlimited user seats
  • single country use case


1000 Max Employee Count
  • Implementation Fee:
  • $15,000.00
  • Subscription (Monthly):
  • $6,900.00
  • unlimited user seats
  • single country use case


1000+ Max Employee Count
  • Implementation Fee:
  • Available on request
  • Subscription (Monthly):
  • Available on request
  • user seat restrictions
  • multi-country option


While open web data is powerful and effective enough to get quick value from Referable AI, we are in discussion with a wide range of ATS and CRM providers to ensure that our customers maximize results from their talent IP.  

Stay tuned and talk to us if there is a platform you think we should connect to.

Unlock the full potential of Referable AI

Referable is a game changing talent mapping automation that zero’s in on quality talent, simplifies collaboration to boost referrals and recommendations, and secures your intellectual property to ensure long term employee referral program success.

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