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Referable AI acquires data from publicly accessible open web sources and can also integrate with any proprietary databases of our clients, such as historical candidate information in the ATS or other contact management databases. By integrating Referable AI with the ATS, for example, our clients can update old profiles and maximize the return from their talent IP assets.

Yes, you can use data from your ATS with Referable AI, provided that you do not conduct any unauthorized checks on active applicants without their consent. A practical use case might involve a recruiter updating an outdated candidate profile using Referable AI to assess their current suitability for a position. The recruiter can then add the prospect to an employee shortlist for screening or engagement. 

Success with Referable AI is normally contingent on having a sufficiently large employee base to generate an effective referable network. Factors influencing this may include the number of previous employers of the company's staff and the relevance of those employers concerning skills and experience. Generally, companies with over 50 specialist employees in one country or territory find success with Referable AI.

Referable AI relies on publicly accessible open web data and retains this information only for as long as there is a valid interest, such as matching candidates with job opportunities and vice versa. Once the information's status changes, Referable AI is bound by compliance rules to delete it from the database, ensuring the responsible handling of public data.

While Referable AI cannot access data hidden behind paywalls, the application can be integrated into proprietary/private databases of our clients, such as historical candidate information in the ATS or other contact management databases.

Referable AI simplifies collaboration by removing the need to disrupt an employee's workday for recruitment assistance. As long as your employer brand is strong, there is a high likelihood of success with Referable AI, despite past collaboration challenges.

In short, Referable AI makes collaboration easy so that even if you had challenges in the past, you have a greater chance of success using our collaboration features.

Referable AI is designed for proactive candidate prospecting (i.e. prior to any job application), and is not intended to be used for backdoor reference checks on a job applicant.

It is important to use Referable AI ethically and appropriately.  

Hosted and secured on Google Cloud, Referable AI has enterprise grade policies and security in place to ensure that your proprietary IP is secure and only available to your appointed representatives. We also provide the ability for recruiters to "hide" confidential jobs.

Public information, including profiles updates, are universal to all users of the platform but any comments, recommendations, referrals, or other actions made by your users is strictly private to you.

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