Hire quality talent faster

Referable uses AI, machine learning, and process automation for recruiters to find and engage the right talent, with better results and more quality hires.

Hire faster

Referable enables recruiters and stakeholders to build prospect lists instantly and act immediately to hire quality talent faster.  

Hire better

The ability to see the entire "referable network" makes for better quality candidates and better hires.

Hire cheaper

Referable enables recruiters to proactively drive direct sourced talent pools - without the need for expensive agencies.

How Referable works

Invite employees as Users, and immediately gain visibility into referable networks, so you - the recruiter - can proactively drive lead qualifying, engagement and collaboration strategies.

One click for immediate potential

Just sign up, provision your account, open the app, and get started viewing your referable networks!

Invite offline and new employees

Manually invite employees lacking online presence, and new employees as they join. 

Turn your team into
talent scouts

Referable.ai is more than a tool for referral generation and collaboration - it is a platform enabling recruiters to lead talent strategy.

Web-driven Targeting

Web-generated matching gives recruiters full visibility into the "referable networks" of everyone, resulting in highly effective targeting for skills, capability, diversity, leadership, or whatever your business needs.

Empowered Recruiters

With full visibility into referable networks, recruiters are empowered to lead collaboration with stakeholders and employees to building targeted talent pipelines together.


Direct sourcing means bypassing expensive agencies so recruiters save money for more productive use. Not only can you hire for the top line, but you can hire for the bottom line too. 

Private, Secure & Scalable

Enterprise grade security with full user privacy ensures Referable comments stay private, and your network data is secure. What's more is that Referable scales with you!

Full Visibility & Tracking

All referrals and leads are tracked with full visibility into contribution, ownership, status, and results.
Referable leaves no-one in the dark. 

Competitive Talent Insights

Web-generated leads provide insights into competitive talent positioning, including diversity, tenure, sourcing gaps, and more, to help your talent strategy. 

Are you a talent acquisition professional?

Referable is a game changer for emppowering recruiters to deliver highly targeted talent. Follow us to find out more. 

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