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Referable AI is proven to be the fastest and easiest talent identification platform our users have ever seen. Why not take a look at a demonstration for yourself using your own live data?

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Why Use Referable?

Better Hires

Put simply, it’s all about helping you to hire the people that make all the difference to your business. Your team know who they are, but may not know them intimately. We make that easy.

Cheaper Hires

Referable helps you exhaust referral and recommendation channels so you can get maximize efficiency from your budget while improving your cost per hire.

Faster Hires

Referrals come faster than hires through other channels. Referable enables your team to collaborate beyond identifying talent to actively supporting the hiring of industry peers.

Stronger Collaboration

The employee experience with Referable is so smooth everyone can be a recruiter – while recruiters are valued for their efficiency and great hires that build great companies.

Talent IP Continuity

Never lose your talent mapping again. Talent maps and activity are secure in Referable AI no matter what change brings. New project owners can start exactly where things were left off. 

Are you sourcing with
spreadsheets or project folders?

Referable is a cloud-based automation that makes talent identification and collaboration super easy, so recruiters can build high probability talent pools to start their search from the Shortlist.

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