How to Identify Top Talent

Perfect for employee referral program success, Referable is easy to use for recruiters and even easier for team members who collaborate to identify the talent.

Never recruit alone. Just shortlist prospects, share, and collaborate for more referrals and recommendations of high value talent!


Source by Target Company, Job, or Employee

Source by targeted company, priority job requisition or with an individual employee.

Send Prospects to Employee Short List

Send prospects to a Long Lists for further review, or go straight to an employee Short List for profiles of high interest.

Share Short Lists with Employees

Simply share a private URL with the team to provide feedback on prospects. 

Taking just seconds to complete, the team can do this on any device, in any language. 

Unbeatable Employee Experience

Referable takes just seconds for team members to recognize who they know, and share who they recommend or can refer.

Gaining the cooperation of the team has never been easier!

Manage Your Pipeline

Use the Referral panel or Pipeline panel to manage employee shortlists and referrals by status and action items.

Go to every req briefings prepared with a list of prospects to not only calibrate and kick off your search, but to build a rapid sourcing plan with target candidates and collaborators who can help you engage!

Start at the Short List!

Never recruit alone. Leverage the entire company to identify high value talent through referral and recommendation.  Start your search with a pre-qualified Short List. 
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