Hire quality talent faster

Referable uses AI, machine learning, and process automation for recruiters to find and engage the right talent, with better results and more quality hires.

Hire faster

Referable enables recruiters and stakeholders to build prospect lists instantly and act immediately to hire quality talent faster.  

Hire better

The ability to see the entire referable network® makes for better quality candidates and better hires.

Hire cheaper

Referable enables recruiters to proactively drive direct sourced talent pools - without the need for expensive agencies.

Referable vs. Status Quo 

Automated matching of referable networks® can bring massive cost savings, unprecedented collaboration between recruiters and the team, and improved quality of hire. All at the click of a button!!


  • 10X cost saving

  • 1 hire to break even

  • ROI from your first Referable hire

  • Automated matching

  • Recruiter in control all the way

  • Unprecedented recruiter-employee collaboration

Assumptions include average billable salary of $100,000; average agency fee of 25%; 10 hires made; 100 seat company.

$226,120 savings on 10 hires

Beta Platform Pricing

As we prepare for a formal launch, contact us to book a demo or to talk to our team about the solution.

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