Referable AI at a Glance

Recruiters never work alone with Referable AI.

With automated prospect matching, simple (effective) employee collaboration and pipeline management, Referable enables you to proactively everage the team for more referrals and recommendations! 

Walk into every req briefing with a prospect list that not only helps calibrate your search, but maps who in the company can help.

Your employee referral and direct sourcing programs could never be easier!

Matching Candidates

Referable AI’s talent mapping algorithms match your employees to their former colleagues and peers so that your recruiters can quickly and easily collaborate and identify high potential candidates for your business. Recruiters can source prospects matched to target employees, target companies, and/or the job requisition.


Referable AI automatically matches employees to their past colleagues so recruiters can proactively send profiles to Long Lists for a double check, or straight to employee Short Lists for feedback. It’s so easy!

Quick and Easy Collaboration

Referable AI takes away the challenges employees tend to have around collaborating on talent. 

Rather than take tens of minutes or up to an hour meeting about prospect lists, they can get the job done in seconds on any device in any language so your employee referral program gets more attention.

Once the team see just how easy Referable is, they love it!

Managing Jobs

Manage the Referral tab to see which employees can connect you to which candidates, share Shortlists and identify talent.

Use the Pipeline tab to see who is on what base and gain support to recognize collaborators, or nudge the laggards!

With the Dashboard you can see which teams should be recognized for their great support, and those that may need help. 

Security & Continuity

Lock in Talent IP as a Corporate Asset with Referable AI.

Secured by Google Cloud Platform with hourly backups, Referable AI gives your employee referral and direct sourcing programs security and continuity.

All too often when a recruiter changes roles the momentum goes with them. With Referable AI your talent IP is secure no matter what change brings – new project owners start exactly where things were left off and the team know you are in control. 

Why Use Referable?

Better Hires

Put simply, it’s all about helping you to hire the people that make all the difference to your business. Your team know who they are, but may not know them intimately. We make that easy.

Cheaper Hires

Referable helps you exhaust referral and recommendation channels so you can get maximize efficiency from your budget while improving your cost per hire.

Faster Hires

Referrals come faster than hires through other channels. Referable enables your team to collaborate beyond identifying talent to actively supporting the hiring of industry peers.

Stronger Collaboration

The employee experience with Referable is so smooth everyone can be a recruiter – while recruiters are valued for their efficiency and great hires that build great companies.

Talent IP Continuity

Never lose your talent mapping again. Talent maps and activity are secure in Referable AI no matter what change brings. New project owners can start exactly where things were left off. 

Start at the Shortlist!

Never recruit alone. Leverage the entire company to proactively identify high value talent through referral and recommendation.  Start your search with a pre-qualified Short List. 
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