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One important channel of sourcing for mid-career talent is the Employee Referral Program, and this is where Referable can give your Sourcing RPO the edge.


The Ultimate Solution for Sourcing RPO Needs

For any RPO client struggling with an Employee Referral or Direct Sourcing Program, Referable proactively leverages the entire company to help with sourcing.

Streamline Your RPO Talent Acquisition

Referable helps RPO clients that fit any of the following criteria:

  1. Hiring specialist mid-career talent.
  2. Slow Time to Fill.
  3. High Cost per Hire through external agencies.
  4. Weak or non-existent Employee Referral Program.
  5. Weak or non-existent Direct Sourcing Program.

Designing a Referral Program RPO Service with Referable

Say Goodbye to Unilateral Referral Requests

Unlike most referral systems that depend on unilateral requests for introductions, Referable helps the entire company be part of the solution.

By matching employees to their former colleagues and giving them a fast, easy to use method to provide feedback to recruiters, Referable quickly builds pipelines of pre-qualified candidates to pursue.

Recruiters can impress hiring managers by:

  1. Coming to every new Requisition Intake Meeting prepared with Long and Short Lists, including knowledge of which employees on the team can help.
  2. Leveraging the entire company to build high quality talent pipelines faster than ever before.
  3. Providing accountability on ownership of referrals and recommendations to ensure successful results in a timely manner.
  4. Using Referable to update older ATS candidate profiles to maximize return on past investment.
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Supercharge Your Sourcing with Referable

If you are currently looking to upgrade your Sourcing RPO capabilities or looking to enter this RPO sector, you need to talk to us about how Referable AI helps.

Benefits of using Referable AI to your RPO business:

  1. Ability to differentiate and win more RFPs.
  2. Up to an 800% increase in recruiter sourcing productivity.
  3. Greatly improved client satisfaction that brings longer engagements and improved profitability.

Pricing per client (one-time) and user seat (subscription) is available upon request.

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While open web data is powerful and effective enough to get quick value from Referable, we are in discussion with a wide range of ATS and CRM providers to ensure that our customers maximize results from their talent IP.  

Stay tuned and talk to us if there is a platform you think we should connect to.


Designing a Referral Program RPO Service with Referable

Unlock the full potential of Referable AI

Referable is a game changing talent mapping automation that zero’s in on quality talent, simplifies collaboration to boost referrals and recommendations, and secures your intellectual property to ensure long term employee referral program success.

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