Real World Problems

Real challenges, from real customers. 

Let us know if any of the following scenarios sound familiar! If they do, Referable will help.

"70% of hires made through external agencies had LinkedIn profiles we could have found ourselves. Such a waste!"

Talent Acquisition Manager

Consumer Technology Maker

"The employee referral program only counts for 10% of hires. How can we improve our direct sourcing?"

Country Manager

Digital Media Platform Company

"Last year we spent $538,000 in agency fees to hire former colleagues of our team."

RPO Program Manager

Global Insurance Provider

"With inconsistent updates from recruiters, employees forget the employee referral program even exists. If only there were meaningful ways to engage the team proactively."

HR Manager

Global Software Vendor

"As a recruiter I go through thousands of profiles of which only a few get past internal screening. I wish there was a shortcut to the good talent!"


Global RPO Provider

Referable User Scenarios

Referable brings talent intelligence and talent mapping automation to recruiters looking to hire the top 5% of talent faster, and cheaper than ever before.

Sales hiring, technical hiring, executive recruitment, or diversity hiring, can all benefit from talent maps and collaboration to uncover the top 5% of talent. 

Referable in Action

Automated matching of referable networks® dramatically improves recruiter efficiency, while making collaboration simple. Referable puts recruiters back in the driving seat!

All Prospects

Sourcing passive candidates takes an enormous amount of time - a luxury for most recruiters. Referable enables recruiters to focus on high potential leads through referral or direct sourcing.

Referable Network®

Referable's talent mapping automation matches open sourced prospects to employees, to find who knows who. This is the referable network®.

Recruiter Screened

Referable enables recruiters to screen high probability profiles from employee's potential referable networks®. Those profiles can be passed to employees to contact as referrals, or recommend for direct sourcing.

Employee Screened

Employees confirm leads they can contact as referrals, or those they recommend back to the recruiter for direct sourcing. Referable enables recruiters build and source from high quality passive talent pools before engaging agencies for support. 


Let us take care of the heavy lifting!

For customers looking to focus on the closing end of the candidate pipeline, Referable+ is a managed service to drive the sourcing process. 

Talk to us to find out how we can manage Referable for you, so you can focus on hiring.

Are you a talent acquisition professional?

Referable's talent intelligence automation is a game changer for sourcing high quality candidates. Let us show you how we can help. 

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