Elevate Your Recruitment Game with Referable

Transforming the recruitment process, Referable delivers swift, collaborative sourcing to build high-quality talent pipelines efficiently. It's not just a tool — it's a strategic game-changer for anyone in talent acquisition looking to overcome common industry hurdles.

Quicker Talent Mapping

Referable revolutionizes talent mapping by providing recruiters with immediate, detailed candidate maps straight out of the gate, bypassing the weeks of research normally required. This efficiency allows recruiters to hone in on higher-value tasks such as fostering employee engagement and nurturing candidate relationships, spotlighting their strategic contributions to the talent acquisition process.

Streamlined Resource Management

By automating the laborious data analysis and insight gathering, Referable transforms the resource management landscape. It eliminates the need for additional manpower and the steep learning curve associated with new technologies. Teams can maximize their effectiveness, concentrating on building relationships and engaging talent, thanks to the intuitively designed dashboards and automation features.

Effortless Collaboration

Referable redefines collaboration with its user-friendly interface that fits into even the busiest of schedules, condensing what used to be hour-long sessions into minutes. The platform encourages employees to easily contribute to the recruitment process, ensuring that everyone can play a role in sourcing talent without compromising their primary job responsibilities.

Commitment to Diversity in Recruitment

Referable champions diversity in tech with features that promote fair and equitable recruitment. By anonymizing candidate profiles, it aims to remove unconscious bias, while AI insights guide organizations to adopt proven diversity strategies. The platform facilitates targeted referrals from diversity-leading firms, supporting companies in building inclusive workplaces. Referable is a key ally for businesses committed to fostering industry-wide change.
Use Cases

Unleashing Recruitment Potential with Referable

Referable is designed to address the unique challenges across various facets of talent acquisition, empowering corporate recruiters, RPOs, and contingency search firms alike. Its powerful AI-driven workflows streamline collaboration, accelerate talent sourcing, and enhance recruitment productivity.

Corporate Recruitment Solutions

For organizations struggling with slow Time to Fill rates or those in need of a boost in their referral or direct sourcing initiatives, Referable enhances collaborative efforts company-wide.
  • Referral Generation: Empower every employee to be a part of the recruitment process, driving the creation of pre-qualified referrals.
  • Smart Collaboration: Minimize invasive, time-heavy collaboration methods with Referable's easier, smarter approach.
  • Talent Acquisition Transformation: Prepare for intake meetings with robust candidate lists and encourage hiring manager accountability.

RPO & Outsourcing Solutions

RPO providers facing challenges in their referral or sourcing programs will find that Referable accelerates talent acquisition by mobilizing an entire company's network.
  • Candidate Pipelines: Equip RPO clients with comprehensive candidate maps and actionable insights for effective sourcing.
  • Cost Efficiency: Lower cost per hire and enhance ROI by refreshing outdated ATS profiles and utilizing competitive intelligence.

Contingency Search Firm Solutions

Contingency agencies can leverage Referable to elevate their recruitment strategies, boost referrals, employ new talents, and discover stable revenue streams.
  • Quality Referrals: Improve your candidate database with easy, fast referrals via Referable's core collaborative features.
  • Market Mapping: Utilize existing networks for prequalifying talent and secure stronger hires.
  • Stable Revenue Growth: Integrate Referable with existing CRM systems to effectively manage exclusive and retained search services, paving the way for consistent income.

Empowering Recruitment
with GDPR Confidence

In the rapidly changing landscape of talent acquisition, our responsibility to protect candidate data under GDPR is paramount. At Referable, we align seamlessly with GDPR and other privacy obligations, ensuring that our scouting and recruitment processes are not just effective but also fully compliant.
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