The Referable+ RPO Service


The third use case we have on our minds is to deliver Referable through our RPO and MSP partnership with one of the world’s premier recruitment service leaders. Details are still to be confirmed, but this was the first business model we had in mind and we will name this service Referable+.

Referable’s Value Proposition

Hopefully we can all agree that collaborative hiring is critical to attract and secure the 5% impact players that make a big difference to your business. Steve Jobs and McKinsey’s Scott Keller have some valid ideas around this.

In recognition that not every company actually has the talent acquisition resources available to deliver on Referable AI, at least in far flung regions or territories, we can provide support by delivering Referable AI as both a subscription, plus as part of an RPO service.

How does RPO work?

By loaning a recruiter to our customers directly or through a recruitment process outsourcing partner, there is great potential to deliver improved quality of hire, time to hire, and reduce cost of hiring by way of the increased direct sourcing. The recruiter would supplement what the other local recruiters are doing, or in less resourced firms they could run the program end-to-end.

Depending on the customers needs the service model could be either one of the following:

  1. End to End Recruiting – our recruiter could work as part of your team covering the full lifecycle from requisition opening to offer and close, including the transfer of IP from Referable AI into your ATS.
  2. Sourcing Only – our recruiter might only manage candidate sourcing within Referable AI and handover “long lists” to your own recruiters to vet for shortlisting and sharing with employees. Your team could then engage with “recommendations” while your employees bring in their referrals.

Obviously as the Founder and leader of a successful RPO firm over the past 8 years, I have a partner at the ready with experienced and highly competent multilingual recruiters to deliver on this service. I believe that Referable+ has huge potential in this model.

For talent acquisition professionals feeling under-gunned, Referable+ RPO will help.

Check our Solution page on the website for more information.


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