The (Tug of) War for Talent


It is inevitable that the high quality talent you are going after will get an offer from an equally interested party. How can you win the war?

Let me share one of the obvious use cases for Referable AI.

Aside from simply narrowing down the field of “all prospects” to “highly probably prospects”, the degree of collaboration enabled by Referable AI can make all the difference in competitive bidding situations.

When starting the headhunting process with a candidate, at a single click the recruiter can see which employees in the organisation have worked with the candidate and can thereby create an approach plan. That approach plan may mean a simple employee referral when the employee knows the candidate well enough to reach out, or it may involve the recruiter making the approach.

The approach plan may involve multi-touch situations (aka a “tag team”) over time where multiple employees heat up the candidate to eventually bring them to a formal interview. This process may come quickly, but in my experience it sometimes takes years!

“You need to have a collaborative approach in recruitment at all times, but especially in competitive situations.”

In today’s environment where funding is so prevalent and hiring for top technology or sales talent is so aggressive, it is inevitable that the high quality person you are going after will be interviewing with another equally interested party.

How can you swing the candidate your way? Well, the chances are that you won’t be able to do it alone.

Teammates & Credibility

You need to have a collaborative approach in recruitment at all times, but especially in competitive situations. By working with the employees that have the strongest connections to the candidate or a shared experience such as a former employer, being able to “tag team” when required greatly increases your chances of making the hire.

What does it take? Credible transfer of information. I’ve always felt that recruitment is about transferring the right information to the right person, at the right time. Credibility can come from the recruiter, but more often than not it is solidified by the people who already know the candidate, or at least have something in common (like their former employer).

Repetition of Core Message

Leaving the recruiter to do it on their own is an amateur move. Not only is it about credibility but – just like advertising – it is also about repetition of the core message.

Consider your most recent executive hire. Almost certainly you tag teamed to close the candidate on the role or the offer, but to do that for all mid-career hires as well as executive hires is extraordinarily intensive without an automation like Referable AI.

No recruiter is an island. We need to be a team.

Top-Down Advocacy is a Must

Without the top-most leaders advocating for a team approach to hiring the recruiters job is tough. The best leaders know that hiring great talent is what it is all about and that their advocacy is a non-negotiable.

With great people, the chances of success of rises exponentially. A team approach is absolutely critical and your leaders will appreciate that.

Start by showing your leaders who they know by sharing their referable network with them. Most senior leaders are surprised when we show them. Being busy people focused on more strategic agenda, they usually only recall the people at the top of their mind.

Referable provides full visibility into “referable networks”, saving recruiters time by “tag teaming” at the click of a button. When a recruiter can show their leaders who they may know beyond who they remember, it is a powerful thing.

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