Where are we at?


It’s high time we gave people an update on what we are doing and the challenges we have faced to get here.

Firstly let’s just skip past the whole pandemic conversation. It has affected everyone, everywhere and not just the team at Referable.


We were making solid progress in early 2022 until the tragic passing of a key team member who experienced suddenly heart failure upon exiting the gym. This obviously left a whole for us, but more importantly he is survived by his wife and 3 children whom we continue to support privately.

The Ukraine war also caused some challenges as one of the team in Bulgaria is now housing family members evacuated out of Ukraine. He continues to support them in their new found capacity of refugees.

Meanwhile with all of this chaos around us our data provider was sued by LinkedIn, prompting us to move to a larger and more proven source. In fact it is the same provider used by many of our peers in the world of candidate sourcing apps. Say no more.

Those were the worst of the challenges, and as summer came on we got back on track.


A small and select group of users have provided valuable feedback over the course of the year and we have made many improvements to both the platform’s features and to the quality of the data inside it.

More importantly over late summer we were forced to recognise some critical challenges that our users were facing. The worst of which was that our app required too much effort on their part. Subsequently we are making improvements to automate tasks and implement a “smart” system that can learn from user behaviour and just do what people expect of it.

This will all continue to be our focus, but the fact remains that the Referable AI platform works and we are ready for commercial users. We want to thank those who have taken the time to test our solution and for the feedback they provided.

Route to Market

Our go to market plan includes three main channels:

1. Direct via Subscription – Customers can access our solution as an independent stand-alone tool via a monthly subscription. This will be in the same way they do other SaaS solutions with us providing technical and user support as required.

2. RPO – We will provide sourcing activities under the service Referable RPO. The goals of the service will be to demonstrate the value of the solution while educating the customer’s own recruiters on how to use it to best effect. In this way the RPO program should be finite and eventually converted to a subscription with ongoing support.

3. RPO Partners – We cannot reach the whole market and nor do we wish to. Instead we will partner with reputable and capable RPO partners who can deliver in sectors, countries and territories where we cannot go. There is a glut of low value RPO services in the market today and Referable will make for an interesting value add to RPO operators seeking unique solutions around talent mapping and competitor talent intelligence.

If you are interested to learn more, please reach out to us or subscribe to our Blog for updates.


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