Talent Mapping referable networks® 

If your talent mapping is done manually, you are doing it wrong. 

What is Referable AI?

Referable AI is a talent sourcing platform that matches employees to their past colleagues so that recruiters can drive recommendations and referrals.

Through simple and non-intrusive collaboration, Referable enables recruiters to go straight to the high probability candidates while ensuring that all talent intelligence and IP is securely maintained as a future business asset.

Referable makes for better, faster and cheaper hiring and happier recruiters!! 

Cut to the chase!!

By focusing on high probability talent, recruiters can focus on high value activities and the fun side of recruitment: working with amazing people.

Eliminate the "grind"

Sourcing is a grind. Referable gives recruiters a short cut to the fun part of the job where the value lies for the business - high probability talent. 


Using recognition over recall, Referable gives recruiters a hack to make collaboration simple and unobtrusive - without the need to interrupt busy, productive people. 

Secure your IP

Referable secures collaboration data and intellectual property in a central repository. No more spreadsheets, lost project folders, or restarts when a recruiter changes role. 

Quality Hires - now!

Most employee referral programs are one-way traffic: a recruiter sends a mail to everyone and asks for introductions for specific jobs with little response.

Busy employees are forced to recall names of people they know - without cues, and without help.

Referable allows employees to recall who they can, and also provides names for them to instantly recognize.

With collaboration in just a few clicks, say goodbye to more tedious meetings, cumbersome spreadsheets, and to project folders that employees rarely revisit. 

"Referable has been developed to solve the common problems inhibiting collaboration around talent. In 2022 if you are still doing talent maps manually on spreadsheets or by taking time away from productive employees, you are doing it wrong!"

- Co-Founder of Referable, former CEO of executive search agency and RPO provider

Everyone is a talent scout!

No more spreadsheets - just instant collaboration!

Automated talent mapping

Web-generated matching gives recruiters full visibility into the referable networks® of everyone, resulting in highly effective targeting for skills, capability, diversity, leadership, or whatever your business needs.

Empowered Recruiters

With full visibility into referable networks®, recruiters are empowered to lead collaboration with stakeholders and employees to building targeted talent pipelines together. Go direct to interview!!


Sourcing directly through referable networks means bypassing ineffective agencies, so recruiters save money for more productive use. Not only can you hire for the top line, but you can hire for the bottom line too. 

Private, Secure & Scalable IP

Referable comments and actions stay private, and your network data is secure. If a recruiter changes role, the talent mapping and intelligence remains as a corporate asset so incoming recruiters are productive immediately. 

Full Visibility & Tracking

All referrals and comments are tracked with full visibility into team member contribution, ownership, status, and results. Referable leaves no-one in the dark. 

Talent Intelligence

Web-generated leads provide insights into competitive talent positioning, including diversity, tenure, sourcing gaps, and more, to help your talent strategy. Get a clear picture on your talent!

Are you sourcing with spreadsheets and project folders?

Referable is a game changing talent mapping automation that zero's in on quality talent, simplifies collaboration, and secures your intellectual property for the future.

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