We help companies identify, evaluate and hire high potential talent

Proactively identify top talent through Referable. With AI-driven talent mapping and evaluation, we empower your search team to identify, screen and hire high performing executives and impact players.
Referrals Made Easy

Quality referral pipelines for all roles

Referable automatically maps candidates to your team and makes collaboration simple so your recruiters can proactively build talent pipelines in minutes — not days — switching research time for engagement time.

Why Referable?


Time Saving

Experience a groundbreaking reduction in time spent on candidate research, making room for more strategic initiatives (average 12 hours per week now a thing of the past).


Enhance team collaboration with an impressive increase in efficiency, replacing lengthy calls or meetings with just a few clicks at everyone’s convenience.


Integrate with ease into your current HR systems, maintaining workflow continuity while elevating your capabilities.


Witness tangible hiring progress within 90 days or benefit from our satisfaction guarantee, offering a complete refund if fresh referrals and recommendations don't meet the mark.
Streamlined Recruitment Process

Efficient and Collaborative Engagement

Leverage Referable's AI-assisted tools to swiftly create private candidate shortlists that can be shared in real-time with your team for collaborative review and action. Strategize candidate engagement to prioritize high-potential prospects, ensuring that your recruitment efforts are both effective and streamlined for the best possible outcomes.

Best Fit Users

Referable's sustainable approach lies in its ability to meld with an organization's growth and talent acquisition strategies, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous referral generation. The scalability of the platform ensures it remains a suitable solution for dynamic businesses seeking to optimize their recruitment process for the long haul.
  • Scalable: Ideal for organizations with 100+ employees poised for hiring efficiency advancements.
  • Efficient: Designed for businesses that prioritize efficient talent mapping and improved hiring metrics.
  • Collaborative: Perfect for companies intent on maximizing employee-driven referrals and recommendations.
  • Engaged: A game-changer for firms striving to boost recruiter and employee engagement and collaboration.
  • Proactive: An essential tool for proactive talent pipeline development, ensuring a steady flow of qualified candidates.
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